Klute, Inc.

Klute, Inc.

Klute, Inc.

Klute, Inc.

Klute, Inc.


Klute Inc:, a family owned company started in 1961 as a welding and repair shop by Donald and Janice Klute. Five decades of growth, expansion, and modernization have occured since those humble beginnings. In 2008 Klute Inc. moved into their current 135,000 sq. ft. facility on 20 acres with rail siding. This site is only 2 miles from the first repair shop. Positioned for continued growth, we now feel we have the people, facilities and technology to compete in a global market.

We provide a variety of services to several industries. Below are some of the more typical services we provide. Please contact us to see how we can fulfill your custom request.


  • Substation Structures

    • Klute Inc. has been fabricating standard shape substation structures since 1998. We have fabricated hundreds of projects thoughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. Some of the typical customers we serve include power packagers, utility districts, wind farm operators, investor utilities, and construction companies.
    • Tapered Tube

      • Klute Inc. fabricates tapered tubular structures for substation dead ends and transmission lines. This fabricating line was added in 2013.
    • Steel and Fiberglass Grating

      • We specialize in transformer pit grating, whether it be galvanized steel or fiberglass.
    • Outdoor and Indoor Storage for Protected Items

      • Approximately 15 acres of open yard and several warehouse buildings are available for storage should your project's delivery get delayed.
      • Several warehouse buildings on site are available for inside storage should need arise.
    • Engineering Services

      • We have relationships with several engineering firms to engineer your project.
    • Custom Projects

      • We are capable of doing many types of steel fabrication. In the past we have worked with numerous other businesses in the agricultural, telecommunications, and public sectors.
    • Multiple Galvanizing Plants within a Few Hours.


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