/ About Us

Klute is a family owned and operated steel fabricating business located in America’s heartland

With emphasis on the electric utility industry, the team at Klute has built honest relationships with customers for over 50 years.

Because we know how critical our customers’ projects are, we hold ourselves accountable for delivering the best possible products on time and to specifications.

/ We rise early to complete an honest day’s work.

When you work with us…

You work with a dependable team that’s True as Steel //

  • If there’s an issue, we’ll fix it, plain and simple.
  • We solve problems. We don’t look to assign blame.
  • We go above and beyond to deliver products on time and to specifications.
  • We care, because we know how important your projects are.
  • You can count on us to deliver when you need it.

At Klute, we care about quality //

We’re an AISC and ISO 9001:2015-certified fabrication shop and we have the quality systems in place to maintain low levels of non-conforming product and late deliveries. Our goal as a company is to have zero defects and to deliver products on time. We recognize that problems happen. When they do, we are committed to resolving them as quickly as possible.

As an AISC building certified fabrication shop, we weld to AWS D1.1 weld code, and we have certified nondestructive testing (NDT) personnel on site to test welds.

Our galvanizers are ISO 9001 certified and are regularly audited for quality.

// Our History


After trying their luck with berry farming in Oregon, Don and Janice Klute moved their family back home to Bradshaw, Nebraska. They began a welding and repair shop for the surrounding farming community.


Steve Klute, son of Don and Janice, joined the company and continued to grow business operations by adding new product lines.


Steve was approached about preparing a steel package for a substation. He recognized the natural fit given Klute’s background in welding and steel repair and decided to give it a try. It went well and more projects followed. The first steel projects were small, only hundreds or thousands of pounds, but word spread quickly.


After 10 years of growth in the utility industry, Steve decided it was time to focus on the substation business. He sold the farm machinery repair business and purchased a 135,000-square-foot facility near York, Nebraska.


The business expanded further by adding a 60-foot press brake and equipment to fabricate tapered tubular poles for dead ends, static masts and transmission lines. These capabilities have allowed us to expand our product offerings.


We expanded the southside of the building with a 27,000 sqft. addition. This made room for an additional saw and tube laser and to allow the manufacturing process to be more efficient. Engineering and Detailing services were also added to our Klute services.


We added another expansion to the north side of the building of 13,000 sqft. to allow for the addition of a plate laser to increase capabilities.


A new 48,000 sqft. building is scheduled for construction. It will be used for a Shipping and Receiving Facility.