/ About Us

Klute is a family-owned business with more than 60 years of experience in steel fabrication. We specialize in substations and transmission line projects for the electric utility industry, serving clients all over the United States. We’ve built a reputation based on quality, on-time delivery and strong relationships.

At Klute we pride ourselves on family values, always doing right by people – both our employees and our customers. Through dedication to quality, and a focus on open, honest communication, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in the utility industry. Contact us when you’re ready to work with a team as true as steel.

/ We rise early to complete an honest day’s work.

A Foundation built on strength //

At Klute, we understand that the strongest structures are built on a solid foundation. Ours is built on family, quality, and teamwork – principles established in 1961 when Don and Janice Klute opened their small welding and repair shop to serve local farmers. Through the years, their son Steve and his wife Kimm continued to nurture these strong relationships while upholding a dedication to quality. Now, under the leadership of Jordan Klute, the third generation, the company remains deeply rooted in these family values. Even today, you can find Don and Steve lending a hand in the plant.

// Our History


After trying their luck with berry farming in Oregon, Don and Janice Klute moved their family back home to Bradshaw, Nebraska. They began a welding and repair shop for the surrounding farming community.


Steve Klute, son of Don and Janice, joined the company and continued to grow business operations by adding new product lines.


A client asked Steve to prepare a steel package for a substation. Given the company’s background in welding and steel repair, it was a natural fit. The project went well and more followed. Those first steel fabrication projects were small, but word spread quickly.


After 10 years of growth in the utility industry, Steve decided it was time to focus on metal manufacturing and fabrication for electric substations. He sold the farm machinery repair business and purchased a large manufacturing building near York, Nebraska.


Together, Steve and his son Jordan decided it was time to expand. Jordan returned to the company and they added a new, 60-foot press brake, which enhanced Klute’s production


Engineering and detailing departments were created to improve control quality and lead times for the engineering process. Also in this year a southern expansion to the building was completed to improve throughput on the saw and drill operations.


Klute installed a flat plate laser and tube laser giving unmatched quality and efficiency for part creation. These new machines increased plant capacity and allowed us to take on more complexity.


Another expansion saw the addition of a new shipping and receiving building. This building provided the team with a dedicated space to clean and conduct quality checks on galvanized products before shipment.


After more than a year of planning, Jordan and Steve unveiled plans for a new production building, custom-built to create tapered tubular poles. The new facility is scheduled to be completed in late 2024 and once operational will allow Klute to drastically increase production across all product lines.