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At Klute we know how important your projects are,

We hold ourselves accountable for delivering the best possible products on time and to specifications. When you work with Klute you work with a dependable team that’s True as Steel.

project 1

/ Project 1

Equipment Supports, Platforms, Stairs and Railings, Detailing

project 2

/ Project 2

Weathering Transmission Poles, Galvanized Substation, Engineering and detailing

project 3

/ Project 3

Standard Shape Equipment Supports, Tapered Dead ends and Static Masts, Full structural engineering and detailing

project 5

/ Project 5

Box Structure

project 6

/ Project 6

Galvanized Substation Structures, Staged delivery, Fit up checks and Truss Assembly

project 4

/ Project 4

Standard shape, A-frames with Fabricated Jumbo Rectangular Tube, Tapered Tube Static Masts, Detailing

/ True as steel.